Eminem convinced he will destroy Drake in Rap Battle

Eminem convinced he will destroy Drake in Rap BattleAs far as Eminem is concerned, he’s already won his rumored rap feud with Drake. Though he has respect for Drizzy, but Slim Shady thinks he would simply obliterate Champagne Papi in a real battle.

No offense to Drake, 29, but Eminem, 43, might be too much for the VIEWS rapper can handle – according to Shady. “Marshall thinks Drake is a great studio rapper.” “He has a great sound and has plenty of hooks that are amazing. But when it comes to street rapping — battle rapping — Drizzy would get destroyed.”

“Marshall knows it would be a quick knockout.” That may be the sickest burn and neither hip-hop heavyweight has spit a single verse. Even if the fight is over quickly, the rap world still wants to see it. Fans have been on the edge of their seats since they heard DJ Ebro say that Eminem “was going to gear up” and take a shot at Drake. Drizzy didn’t seem too bothered at being a target, according to Ebro, saying that he “got something for him” if Shady decided to throw down.

After all, Drake proved that he could handle himself on a verse after he annihilated Meek Mill, 29. After Meek called out Drake for using a ghostwriter, Drake dropped both “Charged Up” and “Back To Back.” Boom. Even though Meek responded with his track, “Wanna Know,” the damage had been done and the victory had been given to Drizzy.

Yet, this is Eminem, a rapper famous for destroying people with his verses. The rapper conquered the rap game in the early 2000s by taking down the Insane Clown Posse, the Backstreet Boys, Hillary Clinton, 68, and pretty much everyone else. Since then, nobody has been safe from Eminem’s rage – from Lana Del Rey, 31, to Justin Bieber, 22, everyone has been shaded by Slim Shady. While Drake is confident he could go toe-to-toe with Em, it might just a one-round massacre.